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Prior to joining TFW, he had been training several months for a marathon.

An ankle injury sidelined the training and almost immediately I could feel the stress and anxiety build up.  At the same time, I was going through a difficult time at work which pushed the stress beyond anything I had experienced before.

Increased stress led to poor sleep, less energy during the day, and a short temper.  I knew that exercise would help me get back on track, but didn’t want to join another big box gym.

One evening last Fall I searched for a gym on Google Maps and was surprised to see that TFW Doylestown was LESS THAN a mile from my house.  I googled TFW Doylestown and watched Mike’s intro video.

I thought Holy crap, a gym that focused on personal development and exercise!  I reached out to Mike, signed up for the 7 Day Kickstarter and was hooked.

Since joining TFW Evan averages 4 classes a week.  Daily exercise has led to less stress, more sleep, increased energy, productivity, and overall well-being.

I’ve lost 10 pounds and have slowly increased muscle mass.  Most importantly I’ve found a gym where I feel at home.  It really is a familia.  Mike’s pre-workout talks and everyone’s support has helped push me beyond the point where I want to quit.  I wake-up each morning excited for class knowing that the benefits far outweigh the alternative of doing nothing.

TFW has helped me recognize the importance of varied and regular exercise.  In the past I’ve had multiple repetitive stress injuries which had made exercise painful.

TFW’s varied exercises have helped build up my core and prevent injury.  Consistent exercise has helped smooth out stress, increase energy, and improve my mood at work and at home. One of the things I honestly enjoy the most is TFW Familia Facebook group.  The inspirational posts and personal stories have made me feel part of a family and motivate me when I’m out of the gym.

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The reason TFW is so different is due to the focus on personal development, support, and varied exercises blow other gyms out of the water.  Paying a $10 membership to exercise alone with your headphones on pales in comparison to what TFW will provide.

If you’re looking for a reason to do it, then just do it, no excuses. Force yourself to go for two weeks and monitor how your energy and mood change.  If it’s positive, then continue to force yourself to go until going to the gym becomes a need and not a want.

Invest in yourself and sign up with TFW!


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