“Invest IN Yourself” – Evan’s Transformation Story

Meet Evan!

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Prior to joining TFW, he had been training several months for a marathon.

An ankle injury sidelined the training and almost immediately I could feel the stress and anxiety build up.  At the same time, I was going through a difficult time at work which pushed the stress beyond anything I had experienced before.

Increased stress led to poor sleep, less energy during the day, and a short temper.  I knew that exercise would help me get back on track, but didn’t want to join another big box gym.

One evening last Fall I searched for a gym on Google Maps and was surprised to see that TFW Doylestown was LESS THAN a mile from my house.  I googled TFW Doylestown and watched Mike’s intro video.

I thought Holy crap, a gym that focused on personal development and exercise!  I reached out to Mike, signed up for the 7 Day Kickstarter and was hooked.

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