Even though i’m only 25 fitness is important to me because I am young and I not only want to stay in shape, but also want to improve my shape as well. One of the most surprising accomplishments for me has been getting stronger, it may sound silly, but it surprised me because it actually happene

I know i’m in my mid 20’s, but if I had to fast forward time I think I want to be in better shape in my 30’s than my 20’s. I feel incredibly motivated after starting TFW, but when I look back I couldn’t believe at how fatigued and lazy I was.

Without going too far ahead in time I think it would be great to tell myself in the future that i’m proud of trying something new such as lifting and how focused it’s made me become.





Sure, i’m only 26, but fitness is important to ME because I want to live a long and happy life.

It would also be nice to not have to worry if I’ll fit on a roller coaster and even though i’m just starting back on my journey I feel like I haven’t had that one big accomplishment yet, but I am proud in the fact that I feel like i’m getting close to where I used to be that way I can REALLY improve from where I was.

If I had to think about the past, future, and present it would look like this:
Before TFW I felt like crap, now i’m feeling better, and in 10 years I want to feel like a BADASS. If I ever had the chance to meet my future self I would definitely tell him that I’m proud that I/You decided to get back into it and to stay in it and not give up.

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