Head Coach and Owner Mike Sobczak

I have been following the TFW system for more than 5 years and has been a certified instructor in the TFW system for 2 years; I am an ACE certified personal trainer with a Sports Conditioning Specialty, a TFW LVL1 and LVL 2 instructor, a USA sports performance coach, and hold a myriad of certifications through the IYCA (International Youth Conditioning Association). In high school I was on the track and field team as a thrower as well as a competitive lifter through a church organized barbell club and during my years at Delaware Valley College I joined the men’s club lacrosse team. I am always looking for a new challenge and hungry to learn I consider myself in a constant state of learning, always looking to take my knowledge and apply my own life as well as those around me.

Although my journey with fitness didn’t quite begin until a crushing ACL blow during a college lacrosse game I was laid up for months. I have always been in to working out but after my knee surgery I was so hesitant to get back in the game. This journey of mine has been a long time coming and is ongoing but after realizing what the TFW system can truly offer it opened up a whole new playing field. As twitter, YouTube, and Facebook became more prevalent I continued to do my homework by reading the blogs, watching the videos, and listening to every word Martin Rooney himself had to say.

One of the things that stuck with me that Martin said the day I met him was “If you’re fired up, other people will be fired up.”



Coach Kirstin Allen


  Kirstin Allen is a recently certified Training for Warriors Level 1 Coach. As a kid, she always spent time outdoors and playing sports. In middle and high school, she set out for a goal of earning a scholarship to play college softball. Putting in timeless hours and competing in tournaments all over the country, Kirstin learned how to balance all aspects of her life and develop a sense of competition, grit and the ability to overcome. She soon earned a scholarship to play Division I softball at the University of Maine. There she took courses in Strength and Conditioning and learned her way around a weight room. Kirstin has a innate ability and love for teaching, therefore she earned her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and  went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Special Education/Early Intervention. After her four years of college athletics came to an end, unfortunately so did her drive to work out. She continued playing intramural sports, but the level of activity in her life quickly dwindled. It wasn’t until she was approached by her co-worker to join one of his workouts that she decided she needed to make a life choice to better herself. She started attending TFW Doylestown with Coach Mike one day a week, and quickly bumped it up to two days a week. Soon she fell in love with all aspects of the program and couldn’t get enough. 

In June of 2015, Kirstin attended the TFW Level 1 certification course offered by Martin Rooney in Cornelius, NC, with encouragement from Coach Mike. It was a motivational and life changing experience. One thing that he said that hit home with her was that “Common isn’t normal.” It has become a common occurrence in people’s lives to require heart medication, to become easily out of breath, or to be overweight, however it does not mean that any of these things are right. TFW challenges you to go against the grain, to “Join the Resistance” and “Bring out the Warrior Within.” Kirstin is forever grateful for Coach Mike and the TFW program for helping make such a positive impact on her life.