“This Was My Opportunity” – Mike’s Transformation Story

When Mike first walked into our dojo it almost 7 Months Ago at a charity event for a young boy named Nicholas.

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He walked in with his wife (whom is close to Nicholas and his family) bringing raffle baskets and other assorted treats to help raise money.

Mike was wearing jeans and the most epic ugly sweater ever.

Mike and his son Brandon

He wasn’t coming to participate in the event, but was there to support it the best he could. Continue reading → “This Was My Opportunity” – Mike’s Transformation Story

Take Charge, Take Ownership, Take Back Your Life

2 years ago this woman comes walking in through our doors and tells me she’s been in dance for 15 years of her life and not just any dance; a ballerina.

One of the first things she tells me is she wants to “put on weight and feel healthy,” and I immediately smiled at her, asked her what her goals were, and knew at that point there was something special about this woman.

Jen H Before Front

Immediately most people would have said “Oh you look great,” or “Oh you’re one of THOSE that want to put weight on,” but it’s not about what other people say, its about what YOU feel.

The common misconception most women believe is that lifting weight will make you “bulky.” 2 years later Jen is the opposite of bulky and has embraced the concept that “strong is the new sexy.” When she first came in she knew that these were the first steps to her own healing process. She knew that after a few weeks it was MORE than a fitness program, it was a family, a place she could go when she needed it most.

This is her story.


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How To Conquer Your Fitness-Phobia

In a physical therapists office, a long time ago (somewhere in Jersey)…

I was facing one of the hardest battles of my life, trying to bend a knee 90 degrees after ACL surgery 2 weeks prior. Like most people coming back from surgery physical therapy is pretty routine, but what most don’t realize is its pretty difficult. Your muscle, ligament, bone, organ, whatever procedure you had, it makes no difference your body was put through a traumatic experience.

Trauma can cause FEAR

As we all know FEAR can mean two things “Forget Everything And Run,” or “Face Everything And Rise”

There was a time I was afraid of fitness, like you

There was a time I was afraid of exercise, like you

I was 270lbs and I was AFRAID of experiencing all those negative feelings. The initial tear, the fact my knee would blow out at the drop of a hat, the struggle of going up stairs, and my biggest fear, falling again. I’ll never forget when I slipped getting into the shower post surgery and practically broke down in the fetal position, all those feelings surged back through my body in an instant. Continue reading → How To Conquer Your Fitness-Phobia