When Mike first walked into our dojo it almost 7 Months Ago at a charity event for a young boy named Nicholas.

Read More About Nicholas Here >>

He walked in with his wife (whom is close to Nicholas and his family) bringing raffle baskets and other assorted treats to help raise money.

Mike was wearing jeans and the most epic ugly sweater ever.

Mike and his son Brandon

He wasn’t coming to participate in the event, but was there to support it the best he could.

After Mike heard the opening remarks and the group began to get setup for the warm up he decided to jump in because everyone seemed to be smiling and having fun.


Although short of breath, he smiled and said “How can I join?”

That was all it took for him, that and a discussion with his wife to enter in to the next transformation program at Training for Warriors.

Age is only a number and Mike is proof of that.

As we get older we think that because we’ve done so much already that we can take it easy and just coast. We think that we don’t need exercise or that its “too late to start,” “I don’t have the time for that.”

You want more time with your kids?

With your grandkids?

You want more energy?

Just an hour of exercise 4 days a week will GIFT you MORE TIME with your loved ones.

If You’re Like Mike and You’re Tired of Living a Life with a Hurting Body Then Click the Link Below. Get Out Of Your Chair And Start Your Transforming Your Life TODAY

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