When things don’t go your way you get bitter, getting bitter leads to getting frustrated, and then what? Do you let your frustrations lead to worse feelings?

You COULD let yourself feel like that


You use those feelings in your heart to push forward, you stay in your lane, and keep your eyes

When you mix determination and passion you get grit.

For the last year Ted has had his fair share of frustrations and setbacks, but those only set him up for his greatest comeback. He has STRUGGLED with his weight for years yo-yoing from 240lbs  to 310lbs, back and forth, up and down.

At His Wit’s End…

“I knew if I kept going down this route I was not going to be around to see Colin (his son) graduate high school.”


Commercial Gyms, Trendy diets, Cross Fit, and Isagenix to name a few

“All had good temporary results but were not sustainable.”

Finally, I decided to walk through the door at TFW.

Something about it spoke to me physically and emotionally that I didn’t hesitate to commit for a full year knowing if I was paying, I would show up.

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At first I didn’t fully immerse myself into the program.  I went when I felt like it, but then had another eye opening experience which led to another sit down with Coach Mike.





At that time he had asked my top goals were so I listed them off:

1. I wanted to drop a 100lbs

2. Run a Spartan.

What he said next shocked me

“If you really commit and focus on bettering yourself inside and out, I will run next to you the entire race.” After that I found myself coming in every day Monday – Saturday. All of a sudden I found myself getting stronger, I was lifting weight that I had not done since high school.

But then came more frustrations 

His knee began to swell up and bother him again.

“I became discouraged, but you lifted me up and personalized the workouts for me to achieve my goals”

One year later Ted may not have reached his loss of 100lbs, but he is proud of where he is and realizes he still has a lot of work to do.

“I am by no means a finished product but I know I can accomplish anything with the familia behind me. “

It has been by far, the best decision of my life.

Ted continues to be a beacon of support, encouragement, and dedication to not only his own goals, but everyone at Training for Warriors.

It Was Only A Matter of Time…

Last night Ted walked into the facility with his son (whom is there with him most times), but tonight Colin was supposed to be at football practice and it was canceled due to the rain.

Class was Packed for Monday night.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.32.42 AM

We opened with an incredible story about miracles and how you never know when a miracle can happen. Everyone was feeding off of this story, there was awesome energy and everyone was really into the workout.  With class ending just shy of 6pm came several big announcements, people earning bands, a new coach coming on board, and then the big speech.

I Almost Fell Over When I Heard, “TED DUFNER, WARRIOR OF THE MONTH”


“The eruption in the dojo was something I have never experienced.  I was so humbled and honored as I was not expecting this.  I am a 41 year old man that is simply looking to lead a better life.  To have dozens of people screaming and clapping was an experience like no other.”

I Started To Tear Up

“I looked down at my son Colin and he was beaming, smiling ear to ear, and other than his birth it was the proudest moment of my life.”

I Felt The Love In The Room Envelope Me

“That is what makes TFW the best decision I have ever made, the love and support you get from everyone.  I am still in disbelief about the ovation and  I do not feel I deserve such recognition.

Without the support here who knows where I would be.

“Colin told me on the way home how PROUD he was of me, which made my heart swell.  I truly love you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I truly believe TFW has saved my life.  I thank God I walked through those doors.

You spoke of miracles.  My miracle is TFW and what it has done and continues to do for me.

This Miracle…Its Priceless

If you’re like Ted and looking for support, encouragement, and direction then click the link below to sign up for our 28 Day Transformation Program Beginning Sept. 18th. 


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