Live Your Life And Forget YOUR Age – Why Fitness Is Important to US



I never thought at my age (62) I would be deadlifting or sprinting for that matter, but I knew I needed to counteract the loss of muscle mass and the effect of aging as I want be very healthy and active in retirement.

In general, becoming more comfortable with the exercises (or maybe it’s being more comfortable putting my lack of coordination on display) and after starting TFW I realized my lack of coordination is not what it used to be, but now after practicing certain exercises i’ve found a love for ladder drills and the dreaded “sit-out”. 😉

Realistically, I think (actually I know!) that in ten years I want to be stronger and even more fit than I am now.

When I first heard about TFW I knew that I wanted to try it, but didn’t think that the social aspect of the class would work for me. Also, that I wouldn’t be coordinated enough to handle it without messing up a knee, having my elbow tendinitis return, etc. From the beginning, the coaches helped me start slowly, and still continue to help by keeping a watchful eye and correcting my lousy form. Others in the classes have been great in helping me with form as well.

If I could tell my future self one thing it would be this, “Try something outside my/your comfort zone and take steps to increase your own fitness level.”



I WANT to be able to keep up with my grand children, enjoy our retirement and stay healthy. I never thought with a knee replacement I would ever be able to squat, deadlift, sprint, etc., let alone do it with weights AND do it well!

My daughter-in-law was the one who first told me about TFW and after thinking about it I finally decided to take a leap. I had tried going to our community center, but just couldn’t find the right level of motivation around me; I felt like a slug.

After initially joining their transformation program everything started to fall in to place, I had more energy and began to look forward to sweating and smiling. I now find myself messaging my daughter-in-law and asking “how did you do tonight!”

So in essence years from now I want to feel even better than I do now and the fact I was able to accomplish so much at 61 I can only imagine what I WILL accomplish later!

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The Baby Boomers -WHY Fitness Is Important FOR Us



The question should really be why ISN’T fitness important for you? Sure it helps me sleep better, It allows me to be around for my kids and hopefully grandkids one day, but what’s crucial to be is so I can fully enjoy my retirement at some point. Age is only a number and even though I can do all the workouts with an occasional minor modification I’ma lot stronger than I was earlier on.

I’ve been going 2 years and still love it! You have to find something you love and stick with it, for me it’s TFW.

Although, there was a time before TFW when I was feeling defeated and hopeless about some family issues, but now I know I have to put my health and fitness at the forefront to better handle whatever life throws at me…Oh and physical strength has definitely helped boost my mental strength. It’s important to me that I can feel like I can do whatever I want without my health or fitness limiting my life (So bring on the grandkids too!) …. we got this!!!



Fitness is important to me because I want to be healthy and active and not always achey! Although it may not seem like a big deal, but I have been dealing with back issues due to a bad fall over a year ago and I don’t want to get back to that.

I remember almost a year ago when I had problems doing a silly knee grab, now I can do several, and with no pain! When I think about the age old question “Where will you be years from now,” I can only hope that i’ll still be able to exercise at like I do now at 67 years young☺️.

I’m thankful for starting TFW last September because before that I was getting little results and doing very little about proper nutrition and exercise. One of the greatest things about my own fitness journey is discovering that with support around you, you can accomplish anything and will happily remind myself of that down the road. 💛🖤💛🖤



Fitness is important to me for so many reasons! For optimum health, to keep my energy level high and my stress level low, and I want to look my best! If I have it my way I want to look better in my late 50’s than I did in my late 30’s!

I had a decent energy level before TFW, but I have even more now even though I am older. The workout’s not only energize, but because of them they have also alleviated my chronic back pain from surgery many years ago and for the first time in my life I can do a chin-up!
I think as long as my mind stays strong I will never give into the aging process, I will never settle for a “silver sneaker” program, and I want to feel exactly the same as I do now if not better and I want to be able to keep up with my grandson regardless of his age!


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A Generation X Point Of View – Why Fitness Is Important To US



So why is fitness important to me? It’s not because i’ll be 40 in October, but simply because it ensures my long-term health and enables me to be the best version of myself now.

No matter how small or how large the victory is, a victory is still a victory and i’m happy to say one of my biggest accomplishments is that i’m able to do pushups again after years of agonizing wrist pain.

Before starting TFW I was tired all the time, frustrated at just about everything, and a general sense of weakness; I knew there had to be more. Now that i’m back in to a structured fitness program I can say that 10 years from now I want to be even stronger, more flexible, and even more energetic than I am today! That way I can tell my future self that i’m proud I put myself and my health above all else.



JPEG_096.JPGJust because i’m 41 doesn’t mean I’m down or out for that matter. Fitness is important to me because it gives me energy to keep up with my 8 year old son & it makes me a happier person. I have tried other fitness routines & NEVER stuck to any of them –

TFW has me hooked and have NO plans to leave. Even though I just celebrated two years at TFW (This past June!) 8 years from now I still want to feel healthy & strong as I begin a new decade of my life, I want to be able to sprint faster, live healthier, and be happier.

I remember a time before TFW when I was miserable, I would wake up and dread getting dressed (because none of my clothes fit), I had no energy and would sleep in everyday during the summer NOW I bound out of bed excited for the 5:30AM class at the DOJO and happy to start my day. I can’t wait to tell my future self that you should be proud of the healthy role model I have become for my family 💪


Standing at the mid-point of my life I not only want to be around for my children, but I want to watch them get married and have children. I want to have energy for all of our crazy adventures and so far there have already been A LOT. I realize I am not getting any younger, (45 now), so it’s important for me to stay fit now and forever.

I’m most proud of myself that even when I want to quit I don’t… when I feel like I can’t go any more… I keep going… and always surprise myself and what I can do. I’m always trying to work and bust my butt so when I get to that point in my life in 10 years I want to feel Like I am 25 and I want to be the one giving my kids and their kids a run for their money!

When I first started at TFW, I had a hard time working out and never had too much energy. Even though stress and other issues have come up throughout my life I think without TFW I wouldn’t have the mindset to keep pushing forward. There are times where I feel like I’ll take two steps back, but I know because of TFW i’ll take three steps forward. My mental fortitude is where my real strength lies, its my will power, determination, and resiliency that keep me focused on the tasks ahead.




Personally i’m at a point in my life where fitness helps me manage my stress and overall brings me happiness. Even though a few years ago I wanted to lift heavy(ier) I have become incredibly focused on myself, my form, and most of all I am stronger than I thought. I used to go to a commercial gym and just go through mundane things by myself and now I feel a sense of belonging not just to a dedicated program, but also the support from those around me; my familia.

Looking in to the future isn’t so scary because I know I will be making healthier choice for my family and I know this will only lead to more happiness.

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Why Fitness Is Important To Us – A Millenial Mindset



Even though i’m only 25 fitness is important to me because I am young and I not only want to stay in shape, but also want to improve my shape as well. One of the most surprising accomplishments for me has been getting stronger, it may sound silly, but it surprised me because it actually happene

I know i’m in my mid 20’s, but if I had to fast forward time I think I want to be in better shape in my 30’s than my 20’s. I feel incredibly motivated after starting TFW, but when I look back I couldn’t believe at how fatigued and lazy I was.

Without going too far ahead in time I think it would be great to tell myself in the future that i’m proud of trying something new such as lifting and how focused it’s made me become.





Sure, i’m only 26, but fitness is important to ME because I want to live a long and happy life.

It would also be nice to not have to worry if I’ll fit on a roller coaster and even though i’m just starting back on my journey I feel like I haven’t had that one big accomplishment yet, but I am proud in the fact that I feel like i’m getting close to where I used to be that way I can REALLY improve from where I was.

If I had to think about the past, future, and present it would look like this:
Before TFW I felt like crap, now i’m feeling better, and in 10 years I want to feel like a BADASS. If I ever had the chance to meet my future self I would definitely tell him that I’m proud that I/You decided to get back into it and to stay in it and not give up.

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