Meet, Darrah!

Darrah joined Training for Warriors Doylestown in November 2017. Prior to Darrah joining, she had her eye on TFW Doylestown for a few months. After feeling burnt out and bored with previous routines, Coach Mike and Darrah finally met at a work event, when he told her what TFW was about.

“The encouragement I felt from him in our brief conversation was enough that I put my fears aside and walked through the TFW doors the following Monday.”

In 2013, Darrah was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She spent her time distance running, even taking part in the Philadelphia Marathon!

“Since one of my first symptoms was numbness in my legs, I had to completely reassess how I exercised. Keeping my body as strong as possible is a top priority to me now, because I know it’s going to help me fight this disease and stay as healthy as I can.”

In her five months since joining TFW, Darrah has learned that she has cheerleaders all around her.

“Everyone can benefit from knowing that someone else is cheering you on. I have a great support system in my personal life, but when I walk into TFW I know that we’re all on the same team. I’m cheering for everyone else in there just like they’re cheering for me. Feeling supported makes your goals feel much more attainable.”

Like a lot of TFW members, having fun is the thing Darrah enjoys most!

“The TFW program is FUN. It’s also taught me trust my body again. After my MS diagnosis, I have some residual health “quirks” that can sometimes make working out difficult. It’s also realy nice to work out in a group setting because I know that I have people to help me if I need it. When I’m at TFW, I know every single person in the gym has my back.”

There are a lot of things that separate TFW from normal gyms – especially the workouts and the coaches.

“I love that the workouts and coaches challenge me make it easy to track and notice my progress. Not only can I feel myself getting stronger, but the structure of the workouts are built to help you assess your progress as you go. Plus there are so many resources to take advantage of for setting and meeting your goals- including a built in support system of the coaches and other warriors.”

So, what Darrah’s biggest piece of advice for anyone looking to start?

“If you’re feeling called to do something, give it a try. It might be scary at first, but that nagging feeling is there for a reason. Go with your gut and trust and honor yourself enough to take the first step. That’s the hardest one, but it will probably also be the most rewarding.”

Since joining TFW, Darrah has lost 15 pounds and a total of 10.5 inches, with her muscle mass increasing and body fat decreasing. She’s even said that this is the first holiday season she can remember losing weight instead of gaining!

“Training for Warriors has reminded me that I can fit a workout program into my life, and that when something is important to you, and you truly like to do it, it’s easy to make work. I look forward to my time at TFW and really have fun with the program. It’s so important to do something that you love to do and that makes you feel good, because it will help you to stay motivated.”

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