Meet, Michele! Aka, MA!

Michele joined Training for Warriors Doylestown about three years ago, after her son, Mike, opened TFW Doylestown.

When Mike told Michele that she was going to train with him under this program, the name “Training for Warriors” intimidated her.

“I thought it was just about throwing weights around and drinking protein shakes! I also thought I would be judged because of my age and have to keep up with younger people as I had experienced in the past.”

But that was simply not the case.

“Here’s the thing, Mike does not take ‘no’ for an answer if he thinks that something is truly in your best interest, so I thought, what the heck I would give it a shot.”

Michele was not really interested in losing weight, however, she felt that at her age she needed to build strength, tone, and most importantly, keep her energy levels high for what she was about to face.

Michele and her husband, Matt, relocated to Pennsylvania in 2013 from New Jersey. Jersey was the only “home” she has ever known.

“It was not easy for me having lived in the same town my entire life and I really struggled with the change. Change is not easy and this was a BIG one! Being part of the TFW Doylestown Familia has truly made me see that change can actually be good, and most importantly, for me, it made me feel at home again.”

But shortly after the move from New Jersey, Michele became a full-time caregiver for her, then, 92 year old mother, who transitioned to hospice care within Michele’s home.

“I have been an entrepreneur all my life and trying to juggle several business ventures while taking care of her was overwhelming to say the least. My life became even more challenging when over the following 18 months I lost my mother-in-law, who was my best friend, my beloved favorite uncle, and then shockingly my brother. As if this wasn’t enough, my husband had to undergo a serious, life threatening surgery which by the grace of God he has fully recovered from.”

A lot of well-meaning friends of Michele’s, from back home, would say to her, “How can you make time to work out? Let it go! The gym will be there when life calms down.” But Michele knew she had to keep showing up.

“There can always be an excuse and this was definitely NOT the time to quit. For me, being part of this program has given me the mental fortitude that I so needed. I can be having the worst, most trying day, but as soon as I walk into the dojo and see our Familia I am immediately reenergized.”

Michele has learned a lot about herself since joining Training for Warriors. She knows now that she’s stronger than she ever realized…and she doesn’t just mean physically, either.

“It is a very holistic program. It’s not just about coming in, exercising, and leaving. It encompasses your mind, body, and spirit and makes you the best, healthiest version of yourself.”

There are many things to love about Training for Warriors, but Michele enjoys the culture of TFW the most.

“It’s truly hard to put into words that this is not just a ‘gym’. Mike’s enthusiasm, and humor, is contagious and you just can’t be in a funk when you are around him. I never thought working out would actually be so much fun! Mike, the other coaches, and fellow members are the most encouraging crew to be around.”

So, what’s Michele’s biggest piece of advice for anyone who’s choosing to let excuses get in their way? To anyone who thinks they don’t have time for themselves?

“Don’t think you’re too old, too out of shape, or too tired, because I can promise you that you will feel younger, stronger and way more energetic IF you find the place that is the best fit for you, as I did. Find a fitness program with an environment that makes you comfortable and encourages you. Once you find that, don’t look back!”

With a really big birthday coming up this year, Michele is stronger, leaner and in the best shape of her life, and with the title of “grandma” she is determined to keep up with her precious, 2 year old grandson!

“I couldn’t be more proud of my son, Mike, and as you can see the teacher has become the student and I love every second of it! I can’t imagine my life without Training for Warriors.”

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