Meet, Matt!

Matt joined Training for Warriors Doylestown in November of 2016.

Before joining TFW Doylestown, Matt felt as though his patience was low in all aspects of his life, especially once he made his way home from work. Matt had heard about TFW months before he actually decided to join. In fact, Matt’s wife knew Coach Mike and Coach Kirt from her previous job, and kept mentioning the program to Matt.

“I kept giving myself excuses for not joining even though I knew this was the right program, but I kept resisting. I previously worked out at the local gym and I used to have a very active job working outside, but once I changed jobs and focused on family, I had all active parts of my life removed.  I knew something was missing and after months of my wife trying to convince me I finally decided to start TFW.”Matt enjoys the fact that TFW offers a total body training method, which has helped him to not get bored with exercising.

“The variety is what makes coming to each class so enjoyable. I enjoy trying new exercises that I wouldn’t normally do if I was working out of my own. Once you feel like you are comfortable, add another exercise to focus on. The coaches will help you with any goal you are pushing for.”

Between the combinations of workouts and the personalized help from all the coaches, the TFW program has stood out from other programs that Matt has tried.

“It isn’t just to stay in shape or get stronger. It’s a whole different way to live your life to make you feel and look better.”

TFW has helped Matt relieve the stresses of work and at home. Instead of waking up unhappy, dreading work, and just trying to make it through the day, he now looks forward to waking up and pushing himself to see how far he can go.

“I now enjoy waking up at 4:30 in the morning to go to the gym – which I never thought would be possible. I feel like I have achieved something before the day really even gets started. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join with a little help from my wife.”

Since starting at TFW Doylestown, almost a year and a half ago, Matt has put on 15 pounds of muscle!

So, what’s Matt’s biggest piece of advice for anyone else looking to relieve some stress? Or to the person who has one foot in, and one foot out from starting something great?

“It really only takes showing up and following the coaches to see results to change your life for the better.  I am and have always been reserved and on the quiet side, but once you meet the coaches and members you will feel at ease.  So even if you are not outgoing TFW couldn’t make you feel more comfortable. It is always good to put yourself out there and try new things. You are only holding yourself back from experiencing everything you are capable of.”

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