Meet Jon!


A man of few words, but a man of greater actions!

Jon joined Training for Warriors Doylestown in July of 2017.

Although seeing and feeling changes were slow at first, Jon’s results became more obvious as the weeks moved forward. “Training for Warriors has not only allowed me to lose weight, get in shape, and increase my muscle mass, but I feel more energized.”

Jon has found that there are really no other gyms out there where others truly care about you.

“TFW is great for one basic reason – the people. The people make all the difference. No other program has the concept of family so perfectly manifested. Oh, and the workouts are pretty good too!”

Between going to the dojo to train and an improvement in eating habits, Jon has lost 15 pounds since the beginning of the year.

“I enjoy the challenge. Constantly comparing yourself against prior results and trying to improve. That’s what I enjoy most.”

Jon’s wife, Tara, has been a member at TFW Doylestown for a few years, and was excited when her husband joined. “I am so happy he has joined. It is a lot of fun to work out together and I am so proud of his progress so far.”

So, what’s Jon’s advice for anyone who’s looking for a new endeavor into training? “Set a goal and stick with it. The goal doesn’t have to be large. In fact, the smaller the better.

Meet that goal and set another. The key is to stick with it and the results will come.”

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