Meet, Devon! 


Devon joined Training for Warriors Doylestown about four months ago, after she hit a bout of depression and felt as though she had lost herself. 

“I was miserable and short tempered – even ask my husband.”  

Devon was so out of sorts, and uncomfortable in her own skin, that she’d purposely avoid social gatherings.  All of that changed when she joined TFW.

A year and a half ago Devon had her first baby.  While she was bringing a new life into the world, she found that she had lost parts of herself.  Taking on that role of a mother became Devon’s only focus, but in the process she was unhappy with herself and it began to affect her as a mother, a wife, and a friend.

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Devon desperately wanted a change, and decided that she needed to stop making excuses for herself. 

“I have learned that you get out what you put in.  If you truly want something, drop the excuses, and go for it.  It is okay to fail as long as you have the right support team to help lift you back up.”

Devon had tried different workout plans before she found herself at Training for Warriors.  When asked how this program was different from others, her response was, “is this even a question?” 


Devon had tried both in-home fitness programs, as well as other group fitness classes, but she has found that nothing has compared of TFW. 

“The coaches and the other familia members are truly like family, and there is so much support both inside and outside the dojo.  Everyone is always willing to help you, explain things to you, and even just listen when you need to talk.”

So, what’s Devon’s advice to anyone else who is struggling with depression, or to that new mom who has lost a bit of herself? 

“Just do it!  There is nothing to fear, and nothing to lose.  There is literally no judgment; everyone treats you as if you are a member of their family…sometimes even better than family.”

TFW has not only allowed Devon to put some of the focus back on herself, but it’s given her back the assurance and strength she had lost, and the chance to find herself, again. 

“TFW has given me the confidence to put myself out there and try things that I never thought I could do, like deadlift 190 pounds!  The familia members are always there to encourage you when you think you can’t do something and there to celebrate when you hit that goal.  In the 4 months I have been coming to TFW I have gained so much: new friends, confidence, lost some weight, and my post-partum depression is finely gone.  I finally feel like myself again, and it is awesome.”

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