Meet, Rob!

Rob joined Training for Warriors Doylestown in the fall of 2017 for an 8-week challenge. Prior to joining, Rob’s social media was flooded with inaccurate advertisements and “Quick-Fix” programs.

“It’s funny; you see all these ads on the web regarding the ‘dad bod’ with fake pictures and false promises. At TFW these are real people with real results.”

At TFW Doylestown, Rob found something that had been missing for him – structure. “What I enjoy most about TFW is the program, the people and the structure you receive. The program is structured in such a way that you can rely on the process to work your entire body. Structure is built-in from day one. You start each training session with a plan, along with a motivational message, which sets the tone for the workout.”

With tools such as the InBody, which analyzes your body composition; and Warrior Tracker, which allows you to keep track of your progress at TFW, Rob is able to see his results and achievements overtime.

“The coaches are passionate about fitness and have been trained to instruct people at all fitness levels.

From proper form for your exercises, to nutrition advice, to the tools I’m provided, and with support from the familia and coaches, the TFW program has the right mix of everything. The structured program pulls it all together to drive results!”

The TFW program has equipped Rob with the framework and support system to jumpstart his fitness journey, which has allowed him to remain motivated. “Training for Warriors is different from other programs because it provides you with a training program that is based on 20 years of experience, and with the best coaches! By having result-based goals, you hold yourself accountable.”

“Trust the process, put in the work, and see the results! Since getting involved with the Training for Warriors program, it has given me the confidence to not only take that first step, but to run to the next goal!”

Since joining TFW Rob has lost 24 pounds! Although proud of his achievements, Rob has a new lease on his fitness journey,

“It’s interesting, because I look at it differently these days. It’s not so much what I’ve lost, but rather what I’ve gained!”

So, what’s Rob’s advice to anyone else who may be looking for real results, but may be inundated with false advertisements, or the latest trends?

“Discipline equals freedom, and being part of something bigger will keep you motivated. Get after it because the more you train, the less you fear! Make some time for yourself, and take that first step to being that best version of you. Remember, time is one thing you can’t get back, but what you can do is use your time wisely to achieve your goals in life.

You’ll be happy you did – I am!


Being in good health doesn’t take time, it GIVES you time. Rob did it for himself, AND the people he loves, whoever you do it for just make the commitment! Click the link below to get started


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