Meet, Dana!


Dana joined Training for Warriors Doylestown 6 months ago for an 8-week challenge.  Dana is a mother, a wife, and a nurse, but after having her third child in September of 2016, she spent most of her time feeling uneasy and uncomfortable in her own skin.  This caused a lack of confidence and made her feel as though she was just going through the daily motions without any direction.  While her weight was at an all-time high, her self-esteem was at an all-time low.  She felt as though she was trapped in the normal routine of life, and that she wouldn’t be able to find the time to do anything about it.

In August of 2017, a month before the 8-week challenge was about to begin, she had a conversation with Coach Mike.  She spoke with him and expressed her desire, and need, for a change. 

“Something had to be better than what I was feeling at that time!  As I frantically paced back-and-forth in my kitchen, like a frazzled housewife, surrounded by all of the toys and clutter, I was just feeling that I wanted to escape.  I needed something that was just for me!  That is when I decided to try the eight week challenge.” 

Dana joined TFW in September 2018. 

“It was the BEST decision I made for myself, thus far.”

In the last 6 months, since joining TFW, Dana has learned a great deal about herself.  Once she dropped her excuses, she learned that anything was possible! 

“If someone told me this time last year, that I would be a part of something so great and training 3-4 days a week, 45 minutes away from my house, I would have laughed!  How could that have even, or ever, been possible?” 

Luckily, Dana has a very supportive spouse that has not only made this journey easier for Dana, but possible for her.  “I could have come up with a million excuses to not let this happen.  But after taking the eight week challenge, there was no way I could not join and become a core member!  TFW makes me a better person, wife, and a better mom!”


Despite the differences in fitness level, and experience, Dana has found that everyone at TFW supports and encourages one another.  “TFW is completely different from any other fitness program I’ve done.  When I enter the dojo, anything on my mind immediately escapes for the hour I am there.  TFW is a family full of wonderful people who truly care about each other.  Everyone encourages each other, and supports one another – there is no judgment.  I have made some really wonderful friends.” 

To Dana, the energy between one another is contagious, and she loves that the coaches are there for her, and that they always find the time to devote some 1:1 coaching to her and others.  “Prior to each class, there is a motivational speech which helps set the tone for the rest of the class.  The positive vibes are amazing!”

So, what’s Dana’s biggest piece of advice to anyone looking to join, or for other working moms who feel as though they’ve lost some direction? 

“My biggest piece of advice for anyone looking for something that is “missing” in their life is to just join TFW!  Your mental and physical state will skyrocket.  It has been almost 6 months and I am down 15 pounds!  But more importantly, I’ve gained confidence, motivation, and lots of friendships!” 

“TFW is not a gym – it is a unique place that helps build motivation and character!”IMG_0427

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