Meet, John – better known as Schaffer. Schaffer joined Training For Warriors Doylestown after Coach Mike, one of his best friend from college, invited him to come check out his new gym. “I joined TFW shortly after the end of a serious relationship”, he says, “and in the midst of my father losing his battle with cancer, but I immediately felt at home with the Coaches and members.”

Schaffer began lifting at a young age with his dad. “My dad loved lifting – it was probably his favorite past-time”, he says. “He always stressed the importance of strength to me.” Although his dad was in the gym every couple days, Schaffer noticed a trend, “My dad always skipped leg day, so I had very little knowledge of things like squatting and deadlifting. Learning to do those lifts properly, at TFW, has really been my biggest accomplishment.”

Prior to TFW, Schaffer had never really been a part of any other programs, outside of working out in his spare time, but he felt he was missing something. “I came into TFW with experience in lifting, from what my dad taught me, but what I learned from TFW was really focusing on proper form. When I was working out on my own, most of the time I didn’t even have someone to spot me. At TFW, I’ve found the motivation and encouragement.”

Schaffer has said that the thing he enjoys most, at TFW, is the camaraderie with the other familia members and Coaches. “We are always laughing and having fun during every workout, no matter how challenging it may be, but just as important, I had a place to channel my anger and frustrations. Mentally, TFW really got me out of a seriously tough time in my life.” In January 2016, a short time into TFW, Schaffer lost his dad. Without his dad to be around, and push him to be better, Schaffer made a promise to keep his dad’s legacy alive. “Every time I go for a new PR on a lift, I wear his lifting belt. It gives me a piece of mind to know he’s always spotting me.”

Since Schaffer came into TFW Doylestown early on, he’s seen a lot of new familia members join, and overcome their own struggles. So, what would he say to the next person who may join? “Don’t be afraid! There are some intimidating lifts, but that is why the Coaches are there. They are there to teach you how to properly do these lifts. Be willing to leave your comfort zone – it will be the best feeling ever!”

Now, at 31, and nearly 3 years into the program, Schaffer is in the best shape he’s ever been in – with a gain of about 25 pounds worth of muscle! He used to consider TFW as his #1 hobby, but now, it’s really just a part of his life. “It is so much more than a gym. I love having the structured workouts ready for me, and I definitely have made a lot of lifelong friends. TFW

makes fitness fun!”

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