Meet, Kirt! Coach, and student, at Training For Warriors Doylestown.

As a former Division I softball player, Kirt has seen her fair share of Coaches, Trainers and athletic staff who have all had their own agenda. Her whole athletic career was based on pushing herself to the brink of exhaustion. “Some of the Coaches judged how hard a workout was by how quickly they could get someone to puke.”, Kirt says. “Here at TFW, life couldn’t be more opposite and that’s probably why I am drawn to it.”

Coach Mike was just getting TFW Doylestown off the ground when Kirt found herself in his dojo. She joined in the fall of 2014, after moving home from Maine. A few months later, Kirt became certified as a Coach. From her time at TFW, Kirt has seen firsthand how this program has evolved, but more importantly, how the Doylestown familia members have evolved and grown – including herself.

Like anything in life, it’s important to take time for yourself, and focus on yourself – even for Coaches. “Some of my time at the dojo has to be ‘my time’. I don’t have to think or focus on anything but the move I am working on in that exact moment and there is something tranquil and therapeutic about that”, Kirt says. But, sometimes things in life get messy. “I was in a rough patch a while back and a close friend told me I just needed to JUMP. I needed to stop being afraid to make a change and just do it.”

Despite the ups and downs, TFW has remained a constant in Kirt’s life, no matter what else is going on. “Not only have I lost 30 pounds, and feel more confident in the way my clothes fit, but more importantly this program has helped me find myself, again. It has helped me realize what is important in life and it goes way beyond just a fitness program.”


On the most basic scale, TFW has helped Kirt fine tune her techniques and skills in a fitness setting. However, the most important things she has learned at TFW go well beyond the mechanics of a deadlift. “I have learned things that I can apply to my life outside the dojo that can help make me a better person. I have learned how to be a better Coach, teammate, coworker, friend, partner and daughter. I have learned my limits, and then I have learned how to break them. I have learned that one is never done learning.”

Unlike a “normal” gym, TFW has something very special to offer – famila. “Hands down the company that I am surrounded with when I am in the dojo is the most enjoyable part because of their unwavering support”, Kirt says, “along with the ever changing workouts, of course. When a new person walks in the door, I always, always tell them that our people are what keeps others coming back.”

So, what is Coach Kirt’s advice to anyone who is thinking about giving TFW Doylestown a chance, but may be holding back? “Jump. Drop the excuses. Lose the fear. Stop stopping. My advice for anyone who is hesitant to start would be to try to get to the bottom of what is blocking you and address it head-on. Then ask yourself, ‘What do I have to lose?’ I guarantee that first step, hop, leap, or jump will boost you into something

As for the “own agenda” Coaches, Trainers, and athletic staff of the world, here at TFW the Coaches’ ONLY agenda is helping you be a little bit better than you were the day before. “They fully support you and modify to all of your needs. TFW helps you find yourself, rebuild yourself, and renew yourself…you just have to be ready to do it.”

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