Meet John!

We all have our outlets in life, burying your head in a book, drawing, painting, singing, exercise, and sports. Whether you’re an athlete or not you can relate that when you find something that makes you smile when you go all in.

During high school Jon was a Goalie for the New England lacrosse back and a top league blocker as Nose Guard for his football team, not to mention a stint on the wrestling team too.

Lacrosse was my time to smile and Football was a way of life, those were words from a coach that I wouldn’t understand until TFW.”

We all have memories like that from the “glory days,” a saying or a mantra an adult gave you that made you feel like you could conquer the world. The next step after high school might have been college, trade school, or straight into the work force, but there was always some part of you that was craving something more.

While some people move across the country for college others stay local and while Jon did go to college, it was short lived.

I spent most of my adult life running from my past

Many of us can relate to running away from our problems, some will travel far and wide, some hide within themselves, and others may hide in the bottom of a bottle. Unfortunately, these are real ways how a lot of people deal with their own demons; we build up these walls and close ourselves off because we’re comfortable, we’re safe.

I found that I was physically moving from state to state, I was out in Massachusetts for a while, then out to North Dakota playing roughneck, and eventually out to the state of Washington

Jon felt free; in a sense

My walls were high, but I had lost every bit of confidence I deserved to have, and there were points where I could see them coming down brick by brick. I was afraid because as soon as they came down I was standing toe to toe with demons I had completely forgotten about.”

Before I knew it I had lost what meant the world to me, I was stuck, no job, no support, alone, and most of all I lost confidence in myself.”

I stopped believing in me and was drunk at a barstool every night with my best friend

Even in the darkest times of our lives the smallest hint of light can seem like a beacon of hope and for Jon it happened to be the light from his cell phone.

I was drunk…again, and scrolling through Facebook when I saw a post for the TFW 8 Week Transformation Program.”

I was scared, hoping I would get a response…but I did, instantly I got a reply back. Although to this day I don’t know what caused me to do it, but I was committed to walking in and talking about the program. I’m pretty sure before Mike started to speak I just handed him my money because I knew if I didn’t do that I wouldn’t commit and that’s how it began.

When he first walked in to sit down to speak with me you would never have been able to tell all of this was going on in his life or any of it had ever even happened. The truth is you never know someone’s story until you ask them. In his own right he has smashed his own walls down even further to continue to conquer his fears and live life to the fullest. His strength physically has returned and even surpassed his high school days, but most importantly his strength in himself has returned.












I will never forget the day I ran up to Mike to tell him that I went on a date with a woman who left because I couldn’t see the greater me. Not only that, but I tackled a job that scared me because I knew what I needed to do to succeed, so I attacked and continue to attack

8 months ago is when John’s journey began and he is still on the path to greatness.

TFW reminded me that my story is what makes ME GREAT, my life and my attitude are what make me unstoppable.”


“If it weren’t for Mike and the family at TFW I wouldn’t know where I would be”

Feeling Lost?

Tired of Running Away?

Ready to bring down your own walls?

Be like John and just show up, ask yourself “What’s the worst that could happen by at least showing up.”

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