Often in life we are faced with struggles, they come in all shapes and sizes. I was raised to always look for the positives, to always know that everything happens for a reason, and that the hardest battles are always meant for the strongest warriors.

Your strength isn’t determined by how big your biceps are or how much you can deadlift; it’s about heart. So how do you measure the size of your heart? Simple, look at where you pour it into, your relationships, your work, your training?

If you put everything you got, into everything you do then you’ll never leave anything behind.

Even if you fail spectacularly and come crashing to the ground you have to remember to get back up. Failure is a part of life, it’s how we grow, it’s how we know to set our limits and then how to exceed them. However, true failure is when you get knocked down and stay down, that’s when everything starts to pile up and the odds seem insurmountable.

No matter how big or small the failure is you have to understand there is ALWAYS a silver lining there. Even if the goal is to strike gold and you miss, but you hit silver instead you should still be incredible happy you hit SOMETHING.

SOMETHING is always better than NOTHING

Take my recent experience

I was invited to go present at a local university, I was so excited for the opportunity and worked tirelessly putting together a great presentation to talk about how being involved in the community and the influence of charitable work will help shape you as a person. The DAY OF the presentation I had actually switched a slide out because I had heard about an incredible professor going out of their way to help hurricane relief out in a very unique way.

I had studied my note cards

I knew exactly what I was going to say and how to say it

I showed up and was taken back by the setup at first, but still viewed the opportunity for what it was. As I waited anxiously for the seats to fill I saw the clock ticking away and for a moment I was disheartened. I could count the number of people in attendance on one hand, but I knew what the task at hand was so I proceeded as I planned and practiced.

Every slide that passed I only became more passionate and more fired up because I was pouring my heart out, putting everything in, and leaving no stone unturned.

Finally, after all was said and done I took a breath

In my head I said to myself “If one person walks away with 1 thing it’ll be worth it,” and that’s exactly what happened. He [Brian] said he was looking to get into volunteering with a local big brother/big sister program and after hearing my talk, and the organization itself [Big Brother/Big Sister] being there he knew it was a sign and thanked me.

Then a young woman came up to me from the crowd, she was a member of a community service Greek Organization on campus. She emphatically agreed with me how important it is to give back and gave me a list of things she had helped do. We exchanged cards and she had hoped to pass my information to the future members of her greek to have my come speak to their whole chapter.

Then it happened…

There was a young woman outside the curtain, but had listened to the last 15 minutes of it. She immediately told me she was disappointed she didn’t get to hear the entire thing, but she then introduced herself and told me what she was a part of.

“I am an executive officer on our Pre-Veterinary Club here at Delaware Valley University as well as the National Vice President of the American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association. Both organizations are teaming up to host a Northeastern Regional Pre-Veterinary Symposium for 300 undergraduate college students from different universities

I discussed your motivational lectures with my fellow executive board members and they agreed that you would be a great asset to have as our Keynote speaker for our Friday night dinner! Hopefully, if we sell out of all of our openings, we will be expecting around 350-375 people for the dinner!”

Never in my life would I have imagined I would be invited to such an event let alone be called a Keynote Speaker, but that’s not all, they invited me to their meet and greet sessions the following day!

Needless to say I accepted the OPPORTUNITY and could not thank her enough for extending the invitation my way.

Things happen for a reason…Even though I only presented to 5 (including my own mother) and was frustrated at first there truly was a silver lining that led me to strike GOLD.

The morale of the story, stay positive, trust the process, and most of all trust where your heart leads you.


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