They say that “Attitude is everything,” and on the road to healthy living you’re going to need to arm yourself with the right one.

It isn’t always a smooth ride, there are always a few speed bumps or a detour you have to take in order to get to where you want to go. However just like any other road trip you always need to pack the essentials; things like broccoli, deadlifts, and the right attitude. OK, maybe NOT broccoli and deadlifts but definitely using the right food and the right amount of exercise will help navigate you how feel physically.

What direction do you head in? Where to go next?
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Well what about following your heart? If Your mind is GPS then your heart is your compass, it will show you the way, but you have to LISTEN to it.


For instance, F.E.A.R means “Forget Everything And Run” or “Face Everything and Rise,” depending on how you look at it your mind will tell you one thing and your heart will tell you another, either be afraid or be courageous. There WILL be times in your life when you feel that pit in your stomach swelling as you face something that makes you feel UNCOMFORTABLE. You can feel it in relationships, at work, and even at home.

 Chances are something made you feel uncomfortable at some point and you’ve either followed through with it or steered clear of it. While you’re heart is saying one thing your mind is telling you another. Have you ever missed out on an incredible opportunity only to utter to yourself “If only I knew now what I knew then,” but then that gets followed up by “I would’ve done things different.”

 Lame…that means at some point in your life you regretted a decision you made.

 Every decision you have ever made has led to he person you are today, so rather than harp on the past, accept it, move forward with it, and LEARN from it.

  The more you know the more you grow

So how can you get your mind in tune with your heart?

Admittedly I’m a huge movie guy and a sucker for pretty much every motivational quote that ever came out of every Rocky movie, even 5…(that’s the bad one about him and Tommy gun) but we aren’t here to talk about Rocky, we are here to talk about how to get you in the right mindset.

gym-motivation-successYou can google as many motivational quotes as you want and say “Oh this one really speaks to me,” but what it comes down to is actually following through with it. Who better to teach you to follow through with something and take action then your parents, grandparents, and other family members

I made mistakes, I veered off the path from time to time, but I stayed the course due to my parents. Out of all the things they taught me here are the 6 lessons that stood out the most.

1. Stand for something Or you’ll fall for anything

2. Growing Old Is Mandatory, Growing Up Is Optional

3. The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side (guess what it’s still green over the septic tank too)

*My father has been a home inspector for a number of years and this was his true dad joke.

4. The Queen and The Pawn Always Go Back In The Same Box

5. Do You Want To Be Happy Or Right?

6. Can’t Means Won’t

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