Fitness has evolved to keep up with current trends. If you look back you may think of big names like Schwarzenegger, Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons, Jack Lalanne, and now Rich Froning. These names are synonymous with fitness, but what is needed to focus in at is not necessarily the WHY, but HOW.

How did these titans in fitness become so successful? Was it that they motivated? Was it their state of the art equipment? Was it their customized nutrition plans?

What was their secret?

It wasn’t WHY or HOW, but WHO, it was the people that they partnered with, the people who they surrounded themselves with.

If you’ve ever attended a large group exercise class you probably realized it is quite easy to get lost amongst the crowd and often times you’ll feel neglected due to a lack of personal attention. You keep going to it though because perhaps your friend has now convinced you that you are keeping them motivated and they’ll do the same for you, but much to your dismay neither of you are getting real results. Some people may feel they want personalized attention and hire a private trainer, but too many trainers nowadays are focused on showing you a YouTube video on their iPad or just having you do other trendy fitness exercises.

So how does one find the right path? Why do we do Small Group Training at Training for Warriors Doylestown and why is it so successful?

Here are the 5 Reasons WHY you NEED to take part in small group training

  1. Energy – All that energy from a big group class of 30+ people jam-packed into focused attention on 12. Your big group instructor may be taking center stage in front of you, but the coaches at TFW make you feel like you’re the one leading the best rock show at Lincoln Financial Field. Everyone working together to achieve a common goal, Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Feel Good! Someone who won’t just keep the “tempo” going to show you what it looks like, someone who will actually take your hand and show you what it should feel like.


“If you want to go fast; go alone, if you want to go far; go together” – African Proverb





2.  Attention – Your “personal” trainer might be keeping their eye on you, but that’s only one, the other eye is looking at the clock or checking their instagram to see how many people liked their last mirror selfie.

Coming into a small group class at TFW you are immediately welcomed, high-fived, and coached up on what the exercise is, why it’s being done, and how to get better at it. Our coaches are invested in your personal life as much as your fitness progressions, we check-in with our students frequently. If you come in that day and your back, ankle, hip, or any other ailment  is bothering you or doesn’t feel right you’ll immediately be given a modification to help get you stronger.

We don’t smash the square peg into the round hole

3. Cooperation  Vs. Competition – One of the latest fitness trends in the last several years is to compete side by side with a person in your class. Someone will say that competition breeds excellence; that’s only the case If you are in fact competing for a reward or trophy. YOU are the only competition you’ll ever need and your trophy is the mindset you’ve always wanted and the fitness you’ve been busting your hump to achieve.IMG_5889

Think back to the time when you got your first REAL chin up or your first REAL push up; THAT is a trophy, THAT is tangible proof of your hard work.

4. Programming – Small group classes allow for the attention to detail and the modifications need to keep students successful. A personal trainer may program for a month for a new client and then never plan anything after that because chances are they’ll never see that person again, chances are that client will come up with an excuse because they haven’t seen results and then they will part ways. The Trainer will do nothing because they’ve been paid for their time and will anxiously await the next lemming. 

That’s not the case with TFW everything in our classes is so structured that we plan for 365 days! That’s an entire year’s worth of training, that’s an entire year’s worth of modifications, and ultimately an entire year’s  worth of results. We aren’t just planning, we are giving you the entire blueprint to keep you successful.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” – Martin Rooney

5. Community – Smaller group settings keep things more personable and connected,  meaning you’ll feel more accomplished after all is said and done. Working side by side with someone over a period of time will help you develop rapport. These are the building blocks to creating strong relationships which over time will help develop accountability and have you looking forward to your next session. Most fitness programs fail because people don’t have the right support system.


“But I can do all this stuff at home with my new Xtreme Core Blasting 6000RPG,” face it, a DVD or YouTube video is not going to cut it for yourself. You’re not doing yourself any justice, favors, or making it “convenient” to stay at home because you don’t “Have time.”

There are 168 hours in a week, if you’re telling yourself you don’t have the time to grab your shaker bottle, gym bag, and shoes to train 4 hours out of that week you’re lying to yourself.

You know the most common reason someone quits their job? It’s because they don’t feel appreciated. You’ll feel welcomed, you’ll feel educated, and most of all, you’ll be appreciated. So ditch the dvd’s, sell your little special corner spot in your favorite group class, and get involved in small group training.

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