The Jedi to his Sith

The Voldemort to his Harry Potter

His DC to her Marvel

Her Yin to his Yang

Share opinions, common interests, and communication, a few things that can make any couple successful and at the same time never leave you with a dull moment. As a newlywed couple Frank and Melissa may not have started their fitness journey together, but have clearly learned a lot about not only what TFW has done for them, but what they have done for each other. A solid system of support is always going to keep you motivated, give you energy, and keep you successful.

Here are Frank and Melissa’s story about HOW TFW has impacted their lives together.

Melissa: I started in the 8 week program. I was unsure about pretty much everything but was willing to give this program a shot. I noticed how friendly every one was as I started the program. I finished the 8 week program and in those short weeks I had realized how much of an impact TFW had on my life; not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. So from there I continued with TFW. Almost a year later, my husband (then fiance) joined in with me. I would say to him, “I think you would really like Coach Mike; he likes Star Wars, too.”

Through participating in TFW’s workouts together, we both grew stronger individually and together as a team. As I look back from where we both started from, it makes me smile to see how much progress not only I have made, but my husband has made as well. We did this as a team, we go to TFW (keep each other accountable) and do the workouts and continue to focus on our personal goals at home with support from each other; from eating clean to doing chin ups in between chores.
Frank: My first experience with TFW was at a charity workout event and my second experience was baby sitting Coach Mike’s son at a group event.  I had been dropping Melissa off at class on Saturday mornings for a while before that.  What struck me the most about TFW was the community that forms between everyone. I had been going to another fitness program closer to my work, but  I started going to support my wife (then Fiance) leading up to our wedding, because its easier to go somewhere when you go together and I had started to like the people I was meeting.

I also like that Coach Mike and I share things in common (including being epic nerds and a strong hatred of burpees).  After that first few events, I’ve been going ever since.  It is important as a couple to be invested in and supportive of each other’s personal goals and commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Marriage is a team event and you won’t go very far by approaching it as anything else.

Melissa:  I have learned that you never know what you can achieve until you put yourself out there.

Frank:  In the short amount of time I have been here TFW has taught me that being healthy is more than counting calories, or just running.  I learned that I needed an environment where I can succeed and have support from a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.  And that I like lifting weights.

Melissa: Out of everything TFW offers I think I enjoy the sprinting and hurricane days the most. Hurricane days may be challenging, but after they are completed, I always have a feeling of accomplishment.

Frank: Leg days because they’re legendary.  Get it?  I like the people the most.  And I enjoy challenging myself because it helps me overcome fear and TFW provides a safe environment where I have every opportunity to do so.

Melissa: If I could share one bit of advice for everyone its this, Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! And just show up!!

Frank: Don’t be afraid to start something new and don’t be afraid to struggle and fail.  Failure is normal – challenge yourself, learn from when you fail, and build it into who you are so you become even better than you were yesterday.  Your life is worth the effort and you will not be alone in taking up the challenge.  The coaches and members are all here to support you.

Melissa: TFW is most definitely the most holistic program regarding fitness. And the individualized attention provided by the coaches provides a great environment to ensure your form is good and that you will be successful.
Frank: It’s holistic in that it’s programmed workouts, it’s nutritional advice, and it’s a supportive community that is active in helping others and having fun.

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