IMG_8958Since joining the 8 Week Transformation Program at Training for Warriors I have gained one of the most important things, Confidence!  The confidence that I am stronger than I thought I was, confidence that I could do anything I put my mind to, and confidence that putting in the time and effort is worth it, because I am worth it!

I have learned (and continue to learn) that everyone has a story and everyone has strengths and weaknesses and that we are all our own worst enemy.  Before TFW I listened to my internal excuses of why I stopped working out (not enough time, not enough money), how I am not as young as I used to be (by the way, no one is!), you will hurt yourself (some people hurt themselves getting out of their car).  TFW made me realize that I wanted to be a better older me, a stronger older me and a healthier older me.  TFW taught me to push myself, it is never too late. TFW taught me to replace the excuses with goals.

The things that I enjoy most about TFW is that every workout is different because this means that every time I walk into the dojo, I am challenging myself to something new.   At the end of every workout I could not wait to go home and share with my family and friends what I did.  Also, before the 8-week program I was scared to death to think about having to run…but during the 8-week program this became one of my favorite things because I could see how much better I got at it each week.  I was only competing against myself and running was my scariest thing, and I left each week so proud that I accomplished it.   And lastly, the stories truly motivate me.   The moral of each of the stories stays with me and makes me stronger.  When I am tired and do not want to get up to go to the gym, I think about the stories and I think about how I am worth it and I go.  I never regretted getting up from the coach to go to the gym.  It is so great to walk in there and see everyone that you are with each week, it is a tight knit group and feels good to be a part of it.

What has kept me most successful and my advice would be to you would be this, ask why you wouldn’t you want to start?  What is the thing holding you back?  Thinking about starting is a step in the right direction.  The next step is realizing that you deserve to give yourself the 1 hour 3x a week.  My advice is be a “doer”!  I would also advise someone who is looking to start, to read the testimonies, come in for a visit, talk to some of the members, because I am sure you will see some of yourself in one of us and it will take away any fear you have.  If I can do it, anyone can do it.

The most obvious difference is the leadership and coaches.  Mike, Tracy, Kirt and Corey – they walk the walk!  Other programs are impersonal and one size fits all, this program is custom made to you and your abilities and limitations.  The coaches are great, knowledgeable and involved to help you physically and emotionally.  The coaches are on your side.  The coaches started out just like each one of us, one day at a time, getting stronger every day.  Other programs just churn members over.  TFW is a family, it’s long term friendships and long term progress and long term goals.