When I walked into TFW Doylestown in September of 2016.  I was looking for another outlet in another effort to drop weight and keep it off.  My weight has always been a constant battle.  I have tried all the fad diets and signed up at multiple fitness centers from the Y to cross fit facilities.  For the first three months I just showed up when I could.  I would cheat and look at the workouts and decide if I would show or not.

Then in November I had an eye opening experience.

I looked at myself and realized I had ballooned up to 310lbs, the heaviest I have been in a long time.  It was time to get serious.  I have a family and looking at my 6 year old son and thinking I would not be around to see him grow up put me in Mike’s office to talk.

I told Coach Mike and Coach Kirt that I was ready to commit.  I started showing up 5 to 6 times a week.
I was feeling great.
Then my knee happened.

Carrying excessive amount of weight around on two knees with no meniscus in either causes a lot of pain.  I was devastated. However, instead of doing my normal run and hide routine I met with Coach Mike again to discuss alternatives.  Now, before each class, we come up with substitutions for movements or exercises that cause me discomfort.
I am back to attending 5-6 times a week and down 22lbs.
This is just the beginning for me.  My ultimate goal when I walked into the dojo was to drop 100lbs.  Slow and steady I am chipping away!  This would not be possible with Coach Mike, Coach Kirt, and Coach Tracy’s dedication, flexibility, and encouragement.
When I told you I have tried everything I meant it; I tried it all.
What makes TFW different than the other places I have been?  Well, other than the awesome coaches, the people.  The Familial.  Everyone is supportive and encouraging.  Everyone is in this together.  I look forward to going to TFW.  I feel out of sorts if I am not there.  The atmosphere is incredible and not like anything I have ever been a part of.
You don’t make friends at TFW, you become part of a family!