There was a time when I used to put myself behind others, and their needs, but doing that over and over again caught up to me.
I was at a point where I was at my lowest: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and even Spiritually, that was before joining TFW.
Through taking care of myself, I learned that I can’t take care of someone else, or love someone fully, if I don’t love and care for myself, first.
I’ve learned so much at TFW, but the biggest thing I’ve taken from it is the importance of taking care of MYSELF.

When I joined the 8-week program it was a great jumpstart into TFW. It was also encouraging to start my day 1 with someone else’s day 1 – I didn’t feel alone. We were all on the same page and learning together. The 8-week program pushed my body, mind, and spirit in new directions, allowed me to grow, and made me want to keep coming back.
The TFW 8-week transformation program is unlike ANYTHING else.
The environment at TFW is so welcoming, and everyone is so kind and supportive. We always say, “if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.” It’s true – we all want to see one another reach higher points, and guide one another there.
Just start. Take a leap of faith. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. But biggest piece of advice – don’t let fear get in your way. Fear is a choice. Fear is a liar. I heard someone say recently, that the best things in life are on the other side of your biggest fears, so don’t let any fear you have about starting hold you back.
I can’t even begin to try and compare it to other programs, because of its unique approach. I was the person always trying to workout at home, on my own, or randomly go to the gym, but what was always lacking for me was the support, accountability, and motivation. At TFW I get all of those things, but I’ve learned to expect the support, accountability, and motivation from myself, as well.
I hold myself to a higher standard, now, and I know everyone is there to back me up.


Since joining Training For Warriors, I’ve put on about 20 pounds. As an adult, my weight was pretty consistent at 120 pounds. When I stepped into TFW, I weighed in at 113. I had dropped weight due to being stressed, depressed, and not eating well. Now, I could have been 113 pounds, happy, confident, and comfortable with that number, but that wasn’t the case.

A lot of women will run their lives around the number below their feet – that number on the scale, and they have the distorted idea, and view, that this number not only holds their weight, but their value.
So, was it about that number below my feet that drove me to want to put on weight? No. It was about the bigger things that I was missing – my happiness, my self-acceptance, and the comfort in my own skin – that’s why it was important to me and necessary.
The most important thing about my body is MY relationship with it, so as much as it’s not about a number, I had a vision of what I wanted my body to be : stronger. For me, this meant more weight, more inches, and a healthy relationship with food. Anytime I get weighed in, and measured, my numbers keep going up. My weight is the highest it’s ever been. Funny thing is (and most importantly), so is my confidence, self-love, and happiness. Training For Warriors isn’t just about training physically, but training mentally and spiritually as well. You may think it’s just about pushing your body, or an emphasis about aesthetic goals, but it’s also about the mental clarity and emotional release you get from training. I’ve never felt better physically, stronger mentally, or more awake spiritually.
I get asked a lot of questions, and hear a lot of comments :
“Why do you want to put on weight?”
“Why do you want more inches?”
“I think you look fine the way you are.”
“But, if you put on more weight you’ll get bigger in certain areas.”
You may think I look fine, but the only opinion about my body that matters is my own. Those “bigger areas” have grown due to my hard work, and they’re the source of my power.
I have never felt better in my skin, sexier, or stronger, and I’ve learned that having a healthy relationship with my body is completely necessary.