Over the last few weeks we’ve shared stories about the IMPACT TFW has made on our members lives. If you’ve noticed there’s been a common thread about what TFW has meant to people and it’s not just about fitness, it’s about helping people become better all around.

Today’s story is no different.

How was TFW brought to our happy little community in Bucks County?

How did the path become what it is?

When a rain drop hits a body of water it creates a ripple effect and it didn’t start 3 years ago, it happened practically a decade ago

It all started in 2007.


I had played my last game of club college lacrosse, and I would soon be walking across the stage to get my degree. It was only a few short weeks until graduation and I thought would be beginning my career in law enforcement, not only something I had spent the last 4 years working on, but also something I had spent the last 8 years dreaming about. But something months earlier took that dream away.

When my knee popped, I knew something wasn’t quite right.

During the season I was tackled by two defensemen. One hit me high and the other hit me low. I felt something, but I continued to play. A medical evaluation revealed my ACL was completely torn, with additional tearing in my PCL and other ligaments in my knee. After a 6-hour surgery to repair the damage, my doctor told me, “Your meniscus looked like chopped up chicken.”

I was 22.

This put me out of commission for 8 months. I was depressed and put on over 60lbs of fat. What upset me most was I had been accepted into the Police Academy, but wasn’t able to pursue my dream because of the surgery. But now I know things happen for a reason.

My weight shot up to 270lbs.

Although helping people in law enforcement was over for me, I still wanted to be fit and I wanted to be healthy. A good friend of mine showed me a book called “Training For Warriors” and said I should check this guy out. I had no experience in fitness at the time, but that book spoke to my heart. I got so inspired by the mission and message of TFW that I wanted to find out more. After more research, I found out you could become a TFW certified coach and immediately jumped at the chance to do so in my home state of New Jersey.

TFW motivated me like nothing else.

After the course, I wanted to rush back to Doylestown, Pennsylvania to tell everyone about the message. I was working full-time in a school as an instructional aid and part time at a local gym as a Personal Trainer. I was counting down the minutes to get to the gym to explain to my boss what the weekend was like. Unfortunately for me no one seemed interested.

I quickly became frustrated.

Within a few months of having this life changing experience, I was doing everything I could, but no one seemed to care. I went back to the Training for Warriors website to look for an answer, and to my surprise I saw a tab that said, “Become a TFW Affiliate.” Realizing there was an option to open up my own TFW facility and become a part of the organization made my heart jump. I had no money and barely a clue on how to run a business, but I did have a vision, so I filled out the affiliate application form.

I became part of a bigger team.


I was blown away by the amount of support I received like webinars, check-in calls, and guidance to ensure the integrity of the program. I had the will, but needed to find the way (and a place to train!) Opportunity came knocking yet again. The firehouse where my stepfather volunteered had 2500 square feet that they were willing to rent out. Now I had a place to run the program and took the risk on the rent. It took some time, but people started to hear about what I was doing and I earned the finances to purchase additional and better equipment. I was growing and part of something bigger.

We took the leap.

We didn’t look back

We built a REAL business, with REAL people, with REAL results.



Now in our current home which we recently expanded from 2,500 sq ft to 5,000 sq ft, and I have the ability to do something I love. In addition to training, we run charity events for families in need. My passion is to help change the lives of everyone around me and maybe if I never got injured, this would not have happened.

Present Day


I am now married and our baby boy just turned 1 and the future is bright. I was merely a student, but now I have students who are benefiting from the TFW program, just like me. It made me a better husband, a better business owner, stronger and faster, but most importantly it made me a better person.



What’s stopping you?

Take the leap of faith that I did, put your excuses away, and make a change in your life starting TODAY!

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