Meet April


Did you have a teacher in your life whom you can credit with helping get you to where you’re at today?  Did they make you frustrated, laugh, or even cry because their lessons felt like much more?

Did those teachers challenge you because they cared about you as much as you cared about them?

As a professor of small animal science for the last 10 years April is very familiar with those types of feelings. She is constantly pushing her students emotionally as much as she is academically. Remember what

“I tell my students that they have to go outside of their comfort zones in order to grow as a student and as a person.”

April then decided to reach out to Training for Warriors because in her mind there’s nothing worse than a professor that doesn’t practice what he or she preaches and pushed herself out of her own comfort zone with one simple button…


“I thought what is the worst that could happen? I won’t do it. I will let fear consume me. Been there. Done that. What do I have to lose with making this initial contact? Turns out, I didn’t lose anything but my low self-esteem (and a few digits and percentages). I was petrified when I walked into this place. I couldn’t even take a deep breath without feeling every inch of my chest tighten, Tears were imminent.”

Have you ever felt so uncomfortable that it overwhelmed you? That you could literally feel a sense of panic chasing you around? You know something is real when your own body wants to run in the opposite direction.

“When I walked into a seemingly gigantic room full of people I didn’t know with blocks and racks of steel that intimidated me to the center of my core. My eyes began to swell and the immense of tears were ready to roll down my face

But I paused and said to myself,

‘What would you tell your students if they were afraid to try something?

What words of encouragement would flow so effortlessly from your mouth?’ So I marched forward with a smile on my face, albeit a forced one, and I tried; I tried and I tried and I tried.”


In Less than 60 minutes later you could see the physical change in April, a timid attitude turned into a bright smile. Believe it or not April actually moved right next to the facility prior to joining and the previous owners told them there was some type of fitness program back there. Cars could be seen coming and going like one continuous caravan and when I say things happen for a reason, they absolutely do.

“I’ve never felt part of something so supportive outside of my own family and marriage.”

During the entire transformation program I knew that April was a Type 1 Diabetic and had been for the last 33 years, but what I didn’t know is that she was born with one kidney!

Many don’t know the daily challenges with Diabetes such as: insulin injections, inserting ports into a stomach or legs just so they can connect to a pump that infuses insulin constantly and on demand.

Like April many Diabetic’s have to test their blood sugar up to 15 times a day!

Life can be riddled with weight gain and mental anguish from dealing with a chronic, life-consuming condition.

“When I made the commitment to join Training for Warriors Doylestown Transformation Program, I had one goal; I wanted to lose weight and ‘feel better.‘ I never imagined that a gym would change my life both physiologically and emotionally to the extent that TFW has done.”

“My blood glucose level has finally balanced out and become more consistent than they have been since I was a young teenager. I’m utilizing 50% less insulin on a daily basis. My average blood sugar in the last 6 weeks (a test called an A1C in the medical world) went from an 8.6 to a 7.1 which absolutely blew my endocrinologist off of his little round Doctor stool).”

That is something beyond huge! To actually have lowered that number [A1C] and to have gained more control of her condition

April has not only gained muscle mass, lost body fat, or even gained healthy eating habits, but in the entirety of the process has trashed ALL the processed food from her cabinets and refrigerator.

All of these changes with a 3-4 hour a week commitment in 4 weeks which is only 28 hours out of your month let alone your life

“Emotionally, I take Coach Mike’s opening remarks and stories of encouragement with me through every workout. I even take them to the grocery store with me and to bed when I can’t fall asleep. I covet Coach Kirstin’s demonstrations of the exercises, and of course her darling way of converting my frustrations and struggles into positive thoughts.”

April has the commitment to herself for the entire next year.

Her energy levels are through the roof and you can tell how excited she is to see what the next challenges will bring her.

“My goals have evolved. It’s no longer about the numbers on the scale. It’s about today and tomorrow and how a little adds up to a lot.”

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