The 8 eight week program has brought me to a place of better health through a realization of you are what you eat. The exercise program has allowed me to feel much better both physically and mentally

I’ve learned how to become a better person.. through proper eating & exercise and to work/push through any pain.

I’m comfortable being uncomfortable…




The things I enjoy the most about being part of TFW is the support of the people . When I began I barely knew any of them, but they encouraged me to push a little more , each time they would tell each other (myself included) “nice job,” followed up by a high five !!

This all stemmed from the encouraging words of the coaches because it’s the culture they created.

If your considering joking a program let me give you my biggest piece of advice….hang in there because you’re worth every bit of discomfort. Listen to the coaching staff and trust them when they say “you got this,” they will support you every step of the way.

TFW really is a complete system

The work outs push everyone to there individual limits in a supportive group environment. One day you’ll be running your butt off and then another day you’ll be doing pushups/pull ups in.

The coaches desire for you to succeed is an individual is so genuine and by the end of my work outs i may be beat and tired, but I look forward to my next day just to be with these people and do it all over again. #myfamilia