Waay back in September 2015, I entered a universe called TFW!

They were starting an 8 week program and I knew I needed to make some life changes.  At the time I signed up I had no idea what I was getting myself into and was apprehensive to say the least.  As the story gets told, I was the first one to sign up and it was on “hurricane day.” I told Mike, I’ll do this…I need to do this..but there is no way you are going to get me to do THAT (sprinting).

To this day, Hurricane Day is my favorite day!

When I first started TFW I was 54 years young, married, I have 2 girls, 1 stepdaughter, 1 stepson, and 4 step grandchildren. I’ve been worked as a conversion specialist for a 401k company for almost 23 years now.

Patty Before Front
September 2015

The 8 week program literally flew by.  There were 12 other girls that had joined the 8 week program and we became fast friends.  Several of us signed on to continue the TFW feel that it bought to our lives.  For me, I had lost inches and some weight and wanted to continue to see how this would work in my daily life.  But it’s not just about the workout.  The inspirational stories that are told before every workout can be utilized in life on a daily basis.  The Warrior 20 show you how to incorporate the right foods into your daily life. Waaay more than any other “gym” could offer.


I used to “go to the gym” get on the elliptical  and use various equipment and then I went home. Blah…Blah…Rinse..Repeat…and ouch.  Sure when I first started at TFW there was equipment there that I didn’t know how to use…it was no problem…it wasn’t even intimidating…BUT! The TFW coaches are there to instruct you how to safely use them and teach you the ins/outs.

12376712_636110566528945_2337183899735489976_nI never deadlifted, didn’t even know what that meant, and didn’t know what a kettle bell or medicine ball was.  Now I know how to correctly use them all and luv the med ball slam!!!




Patty at end of 8 week
November ’15

If anyone is on the fence about joining TFW, through an 8 week program or just in off the street, don’t look any further.  You have found your place.  You will enjoy your time working out and the closeness of the TFW Familia!  We do 5k’s as a group, have holiday parties, and do several fundraisers throughout the year. This brings the TFW Familia together even more.


Since joining TFW, I’ve had 2 wrist surgeries (arthritis/carpul tunnel) and a pulled hamstring.  Normally you’d think I’d not be able to work out.  Nope, modified workouts are made so I can still be there and workout….in a cast and all!!!  That’s the beauty of TFW!

Present Day 2017

If I had to list my favorite thing about Training for Warriors is would be this..the coaches! They have helped me believe and achieve.

Thank you Mike for bringing TFW to our area and also to the other coaches (Kirstin, Kirsta and Tracy) for helping me along and getting better with every workout!