We’re often told that if it sounds too good to be true then it is, BUT not when it comes to your health. 

“I can’t afford that, it’s  too expensive”

“I don’t know, that seems TOO hardcore” 

“I’m afraid”

“I want to lose weight BEFORE I start”

If you’ve ever made a list of excuses as to why you don’t deserve a program like us, then we can guarantee those are 4 of the things you have said at some point in your life. Let us clear the air and explain to you WHY YOU DESERVE A PROGRAM LIKE US…We are sure that If we told you to trust us you’d probably say “Trust you? I don’t even know you.”  You can trust us and here’s why…..

1. You may think the following are “too expensive;” vacations, new cars, a new home, an engagement ring.  While they may indeed be large expenses, they are also purchases we are willing to invest in. Why then, don’t we treat our health in the same way? We invest in real estate for the future, we even invest in that high end mattresses for a great night’s sleep,  the high-end appliances to save energy & the longer life span, maybe now it’s time to invest in yourself.

For $10/month you could choose a program that is fundamentally against your goals. One with zero nutritional guidance and alarm that sounds if you lift too much weight because, well,  that means you are getting stronger and people who are actually getting strong and toned will intimidate those that are not. Isn’t that the goal? But hey, they do give you free pizza!

2. “Hard Core?” I wouldn’t say we’re hard core, but I would definitely say we’re serious. We’re serious about educating you, motivating you, keeping you accountable, and most of all treating you with the respect you deserve. Everyday we sweat and we smile, everyday we take on each new challenge together, and everyday here we make you feel VALUED. 

3. Fear is probably the thing that drives you the most and although you may not realize it; its most likely the best motivator. Probably one of the more serious excuses because we tend to be scared of what we don’t understand, fear of the unknown, but here we train more and we fear less. It’s one of our mantra’s.

When it comes to fitness  what we were AFRAID of the most is what we’ve been led to believe from the internet and every YouTube video we’ve ever seen. Sure, walk by our window and see that we have absolutely no bikes, treadmills, or machines, and the only reason that’s scary is because it’s probably what you’re used to training on because no one has ever taught you the skills you need to succeed. 

“Here you go Mr/Mrs. Smith here’s your workout sheet,” and that is the extent of it. You are left to walk around aimlessly to figure out that most selectorized equipment looks like medieval torture devices. Any uncharted territory is scary because we don’t know what it will bring. We are here to guide you every step of the way as to  WHY we have certain equipment and HOW it can help you. We will listen to you and discuss your goals, the hows and whys of where you are now and most importantly,  how we can help you get to where you want to be. 

4. Last year we celebrated our 20 year anniversary of being a SYSTEM and a NETWORK, not a workout of the day or a 60 minute internet window to watch. That means we don’t do things that are “trendy,” and we certainly don’t scour the internet to show you what’s hot. We show you the RIGHT things not the RIGHT NOW, that means we coach YOU and we coach you well. Give us the chance to help you lose the initial weight, give us the chance to help you break your current records and reach new ones, let us be the ones to start the journey WITH YOU.

Don’t value the menu, VALUE yourself, we know we do 

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