I never thought at my age (62) I would be deadlifting or sprinting for that matter, but I knew I needed to counteract the loss of muscle mass and the effect of aging as I want be very healthy and active in retirement.

In general, becoming more comfortable with the exercises (or maybe it’s being more comfortable putting my lack of coordination on display) and after starting TFW I realized my lack of coordination is not what it used to be, but now after practicing certain exercises i’ve found a love for ladder drills and the dreaded “sit-out”. 😉

Realistically, I think (actually I know!) that in ten years I want to be stronger and even more fit than I am now.

When I first heard about TFW I knew that I wanted to try it, but didn’t think that the social aspect of the class would work for me. Also, that I wouldn’t be coordinated enough to handle it without messing up a knee, having my elbow tendinitis return, etc. From the beginning, the coaches helped me start slowly, and still continue to help by keeping a watchful eye and correcting my lousy form. Others in the classes have been great in helping me with form as well.

If I could tell my future self one thing it would be this, “Try something outside my/your comfort zone and take steps to increase your own fitness level.”



I WANT to be able to keep up with my grand children, enjoy our retirement and stay healthy. I never thought with a knee replacement I would ever be able to squat, deadlift, sprint, etc., let alone do it with weights AND do it well!

My daughter-in-law was the one who first told me about TFW and after thinking about it I finally decided to take a leap. I had tried going to our community center, but just couldn’t find the right level of motivation around me; I felt like a slug.

After initially joining their transformation program everything started to fall in to place, I had more energy and began to look forward to sweating and smiling. I now find myself messaging my daughter-in-law and asking “how did you do tonight!”

So in essence years from now I want to feel even better than I do now and the fact I was able to accomplish so much at 61 I can only imagine what I WILL accomplish later!

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